I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me reach a 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Me (Akshat-TECH with Aff) and Shantanu (TickTockTech) are partnering together to bring you all an amazing giveaway! The prices for now are quite small but they will definitely get bigger as the channel grows! And my next giveaway is going to be on the 2,000 subscriber milestone! So go mad on the Subscribe button!

Also, the winners will be sent a Facebook message and an E-mail personally. If the winner did not turn up within 24 Hours, a new winner will be announced.

The prices to be won are: 

-> Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker – CHAMPAGNE GOLD  – Akshat Gupta from techwithaff.com 

— You can watch a review of these speakers here! – https://youtu.be/YmRARDNZWig

-> Letv Bluetooth portable wireless Speaker with built in Microphone (Blue) – Shantanu Nimesh from ticktocktech.in

— You can watch a review of these speakers here! – https://youtu.be/OFo1MFd1GNk

All the best! Do not worry as there will be many more giveaways soon! Just get the number to 2k!

1,000 Subscribers Special Giveaway! – TECH with Aff