For some, this might be nothing more like a PC component but for some it’s the main thing they are ready to invest on. And well, we just cannon deny to the fact that cabinets are the most important part of any PC build – apart from the inner components. From 100s of such cabinets, which one should you prefer for your build? obviously, it depends but here below are some top 6 cabinets that will fit, look and work the best in MOST cases!

1. Corsair Obsidian 900D

One of the largest product in Corsair’s Obsidian series, is the 900D. It is one of the most demanded hardwares in the world and is totally an uncompromising aluminium unit.

It can load into it the largest of motherboards and heaviest of CPU coolers and graphics card. It has a large storage capacity and can store a chuck of fans easily. The cabinet’s capability to support any configuration of water cooling hardware makes it the unique seller between many such boxes.

2. BitFenix Shinobi XL

This thing can be on number 2 because of its small size, lighter weight and its capability of being more manageable, though it’s not as vast as the Corsair. Yes, it still has got enough space for those bulky banks and motherboards to work properly.

It can no doubtingly handle long high end graphic cards and the hard disk is removable to accommodate many such GPUs. It’s no where less in capacity, it can handle a couple of fans and GPUs and most of the water-cooling configurations.

3. Fractal Design Define R5

This case is great for building an ATX system that doesn’t require those multiple cooling fans or heavily numbered graphics cards.

It doesn’t really have the muscles for a high-end build but is a good looking, subtly, smart and a mid range case to get stuff hooked into for an ATX system.

4. NZXT Manta

This case stands out of the box- thanks to its curved shape. The arc shape of this cabinet not only makes it look like a killer but also helps to add more room and store excess cables.

It might not be the smallest mini-ITX case, but is surely one of the best looking and most adaptable.

5. Phanteks Enthoo Evolv MATX

The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv sets the mid-way point between the taller and the small ATX enclosures. Its handy, tower like design makes sure it has all the room to fit in those chunky fans and GPUs and still look smaller than those full-size cases.

Its surely more expensive when compared to other ATX cases, but it does give a great value for that cash by throwing in a great weight of features and a sturdy, great looking design.

6. Lian-Li PC-V355B

Cube cases can be suitable for most of the needs including gaming. Lian-Li’s PC-V355B is a great product to handle the minimum gaming components required to build a gaming PC. It’s just the great product to get started with.