So a few days back, the official Marshmallow update rolled out for Lenovo’s K3 Note – and here’s all you need to know about it!

The update itself is 1657 MB, which is reasonable for a whole OS update. Features such as Now On Tap and Individual App Permissions are working perfectly. The skins of certain apps such as settings have changed for the better. The free RAM has also gone up and now is constantly at around 800-1000 MB! In addition, VR Capabilities have been added, so those with a VR Headset can use the virtual reality experience for apps like YouTube etc.

But some bugs are evident, the app icons of some apps are glitched, and the battery life has degraded,but minor software updates can fix them surely. For a visual experience of M, check the video below, until next time!

Review of Android Marshmallow on Lenovo K3 Note