Regarding the next major version of Android, the Android N, Google has already got a lot of user opinions on deciding the full form of “N”. There were a variety of names throwing in from Nutella to Nankhatai. But well, Google has decided to go a different direction. Yes, it is good to image different but personally, the name doesn’t strike to be too good. So the “N” stands for Namey McNameface. Yes, you probably read that write- maybe in the second attempt. In the Android N developer preview program 4, Android Authority actually noticed & confirmed that if the Easter Egg is tapped several times, the full form of “N” seems to appear. Namey McNameface is a callback to the name referenced at Google I/O 2016, and of course a reference to the popular ship Boaty McBoatface.

Also, many people believe that Google is just trolling its users. The name-Namey McNameface seems to be quite uncommon to hear from mouth and in a recent survey Google organized, barely anybody would’ve suggested this. So we are still not sure of what will turn out to be the ultimate result but this is what we have from Google till hate. Might sound humorous but true.

Android N is slated to arrive in August or September, bringing in along a split-screen mode, frequent OTA updates, launcher shortcuts, new emojis, a data-saving mode and upgrades to Android’s Doze power-saving feature. IF you want to have a taste of the new Android and have a secondary nexus device to spare, you can try out the latest developer preview version here.

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