Many people believe that Alexa is the key to blogging and many think just the opposite. Yes, it it totally true that Alexa ranking and even the SEO ranking of a website depends upon its size and its loading speed. One great tool of checking if your website is fast enough is It is a great tool for people looking out for the cause that is stopping them from improving on their SEO management/Alexa ranking. So well, just like how important constantly updating your website is, it is much more important to keep you site organized and SMALL IN SIZE. And believe me or not, most of the space on the websites is eaten up either by the plugins or the images we upload. These are the two main reasons why our website would tend to slow down or not getting the required Alexa. So what should you do? Make a premium Alexa account and get that “artificial” ranking? No, we have other plans. I am going to help you improve your website’s Alexa ranking by just giving you a few tips (At least they worked for me). Just keep in mind the following sentence.

There is no shortcut to the ultimate success and you will have to write quality and original posts.

You will only be able to speed up the process after reading this article.

So here we go.

The first thing you need to make sure is, you have all the plugins required to self optimize your website. And if you are a person who’s been into SEO, you probably know about them. I’d prefer to get directly to the point of reducing the loading time of your website. Now the main thing in optimizing is keeping your site junk free. And by that, I mean keeping only those few quality plugins that really matter to you- as plugins are the first thing that loads up which takes up majority from the total loading time. I’d suggest you not to go above 15 active plugins.

Secondly, optimize your images. Now there are a couple of ways which a person can try in order to do this. Since I am here to share the method that worked out for me, let us follow my way. Also, before moving further, we need to make sure we have this plugin called “WP Smush” downloaded and installed. Once we have this ready, it is time to move on.

  1. Open the image you want to optimize in MS paint.
  2. Simple mark a stroke of brush anywhere in the image and save it. (Our goal here is to edit the image in paint. And by edit, I literally mean altering with anything. Just putting a dot somewhere with a brush or the pencil will do.)
  3. Hit save and voila! Have a look at the image size before the edit and have a look at the size after you’ve saved! 70% already compressed! And NO QUALITY LOSS!
  4. Next, I need you to download this free application which is available to download for Windows OS. It is called JPEGMini. Download it here:
  5. Now what, just follow the on-screen instructions and install the application!
  6. Once installation has ended, open the Application. The icon should look something like a “Diet Coke” bottle.Diet Coke
  7. Now just drag that already compressed/edited file into this application and wait for the magic!
  8. Now you have an image that has the same quality as before and not even the 80% size of what it was earlier!
  9. Now simple upload the photo to your post on WordPress!
  10. But wait, it doesn’t end here! If you’d have installed the WP Smush plugin, you’d have noticed that the plugin further compresses the image by itself in the background!


These were some real main tricks that I focused on to get from a really bad rank to sub 60k (Indian rank) in a week! Also, the rank I currently am is something that doesn’t make me happy and I have promised myself to improve it more by writing quality and original content as frequently as I can!

Happy blogging!