Wow, so you have written a lengthy beautiful post on your blog. You’ve used the best grammar skills you could, you’ve used as many illustrations as you could and you’ve tried to make your posts look appealing like nothing else. And now, you share your posts as much as you can on Facebook and other places. Congratulations, if you’ve got till here! But still, the next day or even the week later, you are not satisfied with the traffic you’ve got! Most of the times, we tend to blame ourselves for this situation but actually, the real truth is, the blog post you shared is not among the correct people! And that is the only reason why your blog is not getting traffic! So, where is the correct place to share your posts? I’ll tell ya, but before that, there’s one straight fact that I need you to know.

There is no shortcut to the ultimate success and you will have to write quality and original posts.

You will only be able to speed up the process after reading this article.

Now once this above is clear, it’s time we look at the places you should actually share your blog post to get the maximum traffic and engagement.

1- Facebook:


Obviously, the number one on our list is the MOST powerful social media tools in India, Facebook. Just for letting you know the power of this medium, here’s a fact.

Worldwide, there are over 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users (MAUs) which is a 15 percent increase year over year.


Now THAT, 1.65 BILLION is a HUGE number. And it just requires a few clicks to get your content between these people. The only point I’m trying to make clear is, from these 1.65 billion users, it is pretty sure that everyone is not interested in the type of post you have on your website and moreover, if you tend to share your posts among such people, you have more chances of getting banned than getting traffic. So what should you do in this case? The answer is challenging yet simple- Okay, so let’s assume you’ve written a review on a newly launched phone by “LeEco”- Just an example. Instead of joining random groups and posting your review link (Spamming), you can join DEDICATED LeEco groups on Facebook. And the fact is, people in such group are ACTUALLY looking for such links! They are actually looking forward to read quality reviews about the phone!

Also, I need you to join multiple groups and not one single group. Often, there are many groups those are ready to welcome a person who’s willing to share some quality information related to the trend. And by joining such groups, you not only promote our blog, you also build a reputation and a quality audience that can get connected with you at a personal level through messenger!

Another advice would be to make a dedicated Facebook fan page to promote your posts on. It is just helping you build some more “fan” audience! Also, do take a minute & like our Facebook page!

2- Google+/Google Plus:

Google+ is not much of a famous social media platform among Indians but it means A LOT to the rest of the world.

Officially, Google+ has more than 2.5 billion users, which would make it by far the largest social network in the world, with almost twice as many members as Facebook.


According to the analytics of the website you’re reading this post on, I’ve tracked that 90% of the Google+ traffic that comes to this site is from a variety of countries other than India. The thing you need to do here is to join Communities related to your post topic.

Google+ being the most highly used social media platform, is more prominent to bans. Getting banned on Google Plus is of a high chance until you post your content in limited communities and post them ONLY in the required ones. Selecting the “sub-category” right also plays a vital role in your post’s promotion.

3- Twitter:

Although twitter is something I don’t use much, it is a great platform to spread new ideas. I personally feel that twitter only makes sense if you already run a famous blog/Facebook page. So the key here is to use perfect hashtags (#) that will lead your content to go viral. Now in our instance, we are reviewing the new smartphone launched by LeEco. So we use dedicated promotional hashtags like #LeEco #Review. These hashtags will not only help other people get to your tweet/blog but even get you under the company’s nose! And after such tweets, it’s not a great deal if the company even decides to re-tweet your post!

4- Word of mouth!

The three main ways mentioned above are always there to get you traffic. BUT, if you are a beginner, like most of us reading this are, there is a high change of these methods proving themselves wrong. The guaranteed way of getting people to actually visit and read your blog are your own pals! Yes, this might sound weird but this is the MOST powerful social media tool! SPREAD THE WORD! Do not be afraid of telling others about your blog. Be strong, be bold and hold your own! It proves to be the best because you even get to ask the other person of what he/she thinks of your blog! They may give you a tip that could maybe help you get a sub 50k Alexa rank!

Struggling for a sub 60k Alexa rank? Follow this guide linked below. If done correctly, it’s a guarantee traffic gain.

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I hope these few tips have got you started with the preparations of welcoming your traffic!

Still have questions? Mail me at [email protected]! 

Happy blogging! =)