Transform literally ANY HDMI monitor or TV into a computer with the Intel Compute Stick! Still confused about how it works? Well, it looks more like a USB and does the work of transforming your TV into a SMART TV! So instead of investing on a smart TV, getting a normal one along with this little boss could make your TV a smart one and give you a new computer to play with! Obviously, with a bigger screen!

So there are two specificational variants those are out in the market. The specifications of each are below. (Courtesy of Intel®)

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Also, it cannot leave you alone with just a screen! Obviously, it’s called a computer! It is enabled with WiFi, already enabled Bluetooth connectivity and USB support! So next time, if you are planning to go somewhere and want your stuff to be wit you, carry the Intel Compute Stick and stay updated! And the MOST interesting thing about it, it DOESN’T HEAT UP!

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