World’s most powerful messaging app starts rolling out some really great Emojis as we will soon get to see it in the upcoming update that will roll out as version 2.12.441 for Android users.

The Emojis include some really new facial expressions like Upside down smiles, rolling eyes and many more. There are also a couple of family Emojis like two women and two boys, two women and two girls. Since Facebook has bought WhatsApp a couple of years ago, they have already introduced some really famous Emojis including one with a raised middle finger and spook sign.

Recently, the messaging app has also expanded it’s group members capacity from 100 to 256 members.
WhatsApp now boasts to have over a billion active users globally. In a press announcement made earlier this month, WhatsApp claimed that it had an estimate total of 1 Billion numbered milestone in terms of users worldwide with 100 Million new users in the last Five months.

The Messaging App now also allows it’s users to backup their chats to their linked Google Drive account with high end control over the data consumption usage.

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