Every year, every month, there is something new being released that is either helping us or making us lazy. And majority people say that MOST of the gadgets out there are made to make humans lazy- and they are! There are dozens of these gadgets/accessories ranging from a handwriting recording PEN to a Virtual reality box.

And fitness bands play a VITAL role in this lineup. For those of you who are new to what fitness bands are, fitness bands are bands that are meant to be worn on your wrist that record vital activity information like your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burnt and these days, even the heart beat. The basic concept of how this works, revolves around the complimentary application that you need to download in your phone in order to get the band up and running.

There are a number of bands in today’s date and all of them have their respective applications that will support their software. One great example of such a device would be of the to-be launched Xiaomi Mi Band 2. This device is priced at approx. $25 and packs in some REALLY great. I am currently testing the device and have found the device to be really helpful and have seen my daily activity go healthier!

Click here to watch the unboxing and read more of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2! 

The device packs in all the fitness features as mentioned above with one of my favorite feature- it’s called “Idle Alert“. By now you should’ve got what the feature is all about. This features when in use, gently makes the band vibrate and tries to convey that “It’s been a while since you’ve been sitting and I suggest you to get up, move around and relax a bit.”

Now this not only increased my daily steps taken but had also helped me to find the cause of what was causing the blurry vision that I had when I started at the screen for a long time. Also, along with this, you can set a daily goal (steps) ranging from 2,000 steps to 30,000 steps per day. Now most of us BARELY walk even 5,000 each day and that is the truth. As per my daily activity, which is going to school, tuition and play, I am not even able to hit a 5,000 steps milestone. And I do feel guilty about it! It actually motivates me to walk more just to unlock that “First milestone” achievement in the app!

How fitness bands are improving the way we live!

Apart from how much I’m spending time walking, this band has helped me improve my sleeping patterns by showing detailed reports of my sleep time. It shows the duration of my sleep which is further segmented into light sleep and deep sleep. After waking up, I am able to view the complete report of my sleep I had last night. And I just have NO WORDS for the battery life the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has to offer- AMAZING.

Alongside this, I have a constant look at my newly arriving notifications through my band itself rather than having to pickup the phone and explore it. In other words,  I had saved another 20 minutes by not exploring the unnecessarily distraction notification!

It is totally wonderful to see how technology is changing/fast evolving and we sometimes feel really blessed when we have such tech around. Stay tuned for more!