When it comes to gaming, there are no sacrifices made. Period. We buy the most expensive of games but what’s the use without a good controller? GameSir’s G4s takes care of

one of the most essential requirement when it comes to gaming. The controller. The G4s is literally the best when it comes to controller quality. I’d like to start by committing that I’ve just loved the great hand grip this gamepad provides compared to most of the gamepads available in the market.

I’d like to start by committing that I’ve just loved the great hand grip this gamepad provides compared to most of the gamepads available in the market. The buttons are tight in place and I don’t see them popping out anytime sooner or far. From outside, this is on the top of the list of the best looking tech in the market. The grips are made of rubber and the buttons are made of really high quality transparent plastic. A few buttons on the gamepad are in metal for too, which adds a lot of flavour to the build. So from the outside, the G4S looks really premium and well built.  On the front, there is a battery indicator, with 4 levels of battery indication. The front-side consists of the main home or power button and the regular D-Pad, L3, R3, XYB and A. Now notice that the home button does have the GameSir logo behind the glass. I’ve really liked the glass material these guys have used in front of the text, it just looks so appealing! Flipping the middle nob up, we have an engaging smartphone stand that fits literally any phone you throw at it. A little down, we then also have a little USB dongle that connects to a PC/laptop to wirelessly connect the gamepad to the computer. On the back-side, right in the middle, we have the usual USB Type-B slot for charging the GamePad and connecting it to the  computer via the cable that came as an in-box accessory with the gadget.

The gamepad connects to an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth 4.0 that results in ZERO action buffer time/communication time between the gamepad and the device.

If you want to have a look at the realtime gaming test using the gamepad, view the video down below! Additionally, the gamepad also supports vibrations enabled games and the vibrations produced by the gamepad are very much immersive, especially during blasts in games. The Battery is ONE POINT why you HAVE to get this gamepad. It has been over a month and I have just charged this twice with at least 2.5 hours of gaming every alternate day. So, take that from the expert. You will not face any issues with the battery life there. Kudos!

The GameSir G4S retails at a price of $100 (On sale- $50). Although I could say it is a BIT towards the high side but again, the functionality and the rigidness it provides, is just outworking the other gamepads at even a higher price point. Another thing that makes it special is that it can be used with multiple platforms like your Android device, iOS, Android TV, Windows, PS3 and even a PS4.

So yeah, this wraps up my details review of the GameSir G4S and at any point if you feel that the lights are too bright or you need to turn them off, press the L2, R2 and R3 and use the Dpad to control the brightness of the buttons. Other information is well explained in the booklet that comes with the device. Happy Gaming!

GameSir G4s

GameSir G4s

Overall Design


    In-Hand Quality


      Buttons (Tactile)


        Battery Capabilities


          Value for Money


            Pros (Reasons to buy)

            • - Light Weight
            • - In-built phone stand
            • - Light Brightness Control
            • - Strong Build Quality
            • - Wireless USB Dongle Included

            Cons (Reasons not to buy)

            • - Doesn't come with a carry case
            • - Rubber Grips attracts sweat after intense usage (2+ hours)
            • - Turbo button not fully functional