Hyve Mobility has announced that they will be launching their first ever Mid range Android smartphone in the Mid June.

We are getting a relevance of the word “Storm” a lot but we do not have proper news if “Storm” is going to be the device’s name. For now, something pleasing to eyes would be this video below which shows off the smartphone’s capability of having a unique functionality for each of our finger. I recommend you all to have a look at this beautifully designed video!

Hyve Mobile is a mobility start-up and is a brainchild of Sharad Mehrotra, Aditya Agarwal and Abhishek Agarwal. Hyve promises to focus at innovations on the after-sales service front to benchmark their products from other companies. 

With focus on customer delight, our endeavor is to extend a great balance of value and performance through our devices.

–  Mr. Mehrotra.

We are hoping a lot from Hyve and we will surely get back with a review of the devices launching on 15th June. Stay tuned to Hyve’s Twitter and Facebook handles to get the latest updates of what’s cooking.


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