LeEco Le 2 had been announced on 8th June, 2016 and they had their first ever flash sale right 20 days after the announcement, i.e. 28th June, 2016. The device has got in some heat in the market and is going out well on the reputation. I have been using the Le 2 for the past month and I am really impressed by what this Rs. 12,000 device has to offer. It has got the CDLA (Continual Digital Lossless Audio) technology that is proving out to be a charm to the people who have their hands on the device.
So just a day or two after the first ever flash sale, a Security patch update for June had hit the System Tray.- And it actually had quite a lot to offer. Let us have a look at each one of them.

  • Stable Version 5.8.015S
  • Release time: 2016-07-04
  • Package size: 471.19M Saved traffic: 1236.85M
  • Highlighted features
  • Update log

Fixed an issue in which duplicate icon created after downloading app from Play Store.

This was one main bug that almost all the bloggers noticed in the initial software release of the Le 2. I’m glad we’ve got this fixed!

[Dual Sim&Mobile Network]
Fixed an issue in which SIM Name is showing ‘Card 2’ instead of the Carrier’s name.(TATA,DOCOMO)

Great! Although I didn’t notice this but great that LeEco Developers have got this fixed before the public has the devices in hands! No reason to complain!

Fixed an issue in which there was no option to delete playlist.
Fixed an issue in which delete playlist will also delete music files.
Fixed an issue in which pictures in gallery can not be set as album cover.
Fixed an issue in which equaliser can not be accessed from home page.

Although I mainly use Saavn Pro as my daily music app but there were a few bugs that I had noticed in the stock music player.- And they are fixed now.

Dial and virtual buttons vibration effect is stronger.
Added calendar ringtone setting

Some improvements to make it more user friendly and better.

Card view message module upgraded

There was no specific need of why LeEco had to do this but anyways, it’s for the betterment.

Optimised browser kernel for EUI 5.8
Added feedback entrance

Enhanced support.

Added App lock function

Now this was one of the features that was completely missing from the Le 2 and one main reason why I was disappointed with the phone. And finally, now I was able to unlock my applications with the help of my fingerprint! Bye-Bye AppLock!

Added Very large font size

They’ve taken care of your eyes as well! I personally use the large font size just to keep my eyes from stressing. And well, it’s just a matter of getting familiar with. I barely feel any difference now, no hard developing healthy habits!

Added App warehouse
Added WiFi control for individual App

You have all control of how your phone is using your Internet data. So, chill.

Fixed an issue in which “Lecloud stop running” pops up during login to Google email and Facebook.

Have noticed this a couple of times.  Although it didn’t happen quite often but once a four times was nothing odd.

Fixed an issue in which screen turns off automatically that made unlock phone is not possible.
Fixed an issue in which small possibility phone froze. Stability optimised.
Fixed an issue in which when holding group calls the third call can not be connected.
Fixed an issue in which small possibility OTA fails.
Boot-up Logo updated
Optimised Temperature and quick charge on oversea version.

Quite a few daily-life breaking bugs that have been fixed. I really appreciate the LeEco developer team on taking the initiative to bring a bug-less device to its users.

Fixed an issue in which photo can not be taken when temperature is high.
Fixed an issue in which camera crushes after system rebooted.
Fixed an issue in which when taking 4K video for long time, video can not be saved.
Optimised photo taking from locker screen.

Have experienced ALL these issues quite a lot of times at launches and am glad that I’ll not require to carry my point and shoot to events now!

Great Job @LeEcoIndia!