After a lot of hustle on the Social media sites, mainly Facebook, there has been a lot of various voiced opinions on the INTERNET.ORG being in action in the last couple of weeks.

Although it backs a big setback for, Mark Zuckerberg refuses to let it douse his spirits for the free basics programme. In a post he put up earlier on 9th Feb, he says,

Our Work With Internet.Org Around The World Has Already Improved Many People’s Lives. More Than 19 Million People In 38 Countries Have Been Connected Through Our Different Programs. Connecting India Is An Important Goal We Won’t Give Up On, Because More Than A Billion People In India Don’t Have Access To The Internet.


Facebook already tried it’s best to bring in free basics in most of the countries. In a total of 38 countries to be precise but logically not India. Can’t Facebook setup free WiFi Stations instead of giving access to only a few limited web pages?

Well, as of now, there are no plans of free basics backing up in India but there are surely going to be issues with the free basics in the other 38 countries and the world has to prefer net neutrality until Mark brings out something really different we all might be hoping for like free high-speed WiFi Stations.