Android phones these days are excessively getting among the smartphone users and in one of our short survey, it resulted that most peoples’ priority in buying a phone has to be the way it looks. And Panasonic has to offer something really great in this regard. Panasonic puts in the style statement at a price of Rs. 12,490 by bringing in the Panasonic Eluga Arc. A complete package phone for people looking for features, light weight design and beauty!

Design: Light weight and easy to hold
So one of the main reasons why a person would tend to purchase is phone is because of of the phone being exceptionally light weight (108 grams)  and easy to hold. The curved display edge around the phone makes it so easy to make a grip on the phone. The phone is as slim as 8.1mm and feels great in the hand. Yes, it does sometimes feel a bit delicate and one gets over it soon. The design is pretty much a symmetrically designed one and the quick reading fingerprint scanner on the back makes it a killer phone to buy over some similar phones in this price tag.

Panasonic Eluga Arc (Front view)

Display: Compact and richly colored

The 4.7 inch packs in a resolution of 1280x720pixels. The screen feels quite compact if compared to other phones at a similar point of price tag. But if you are upgrading from something like an iPhone 5s, it is big. Big enough to make you feel comfortable. The viewing angles on this phone are amazingly surprising and the screen visibility under direct sunlight makes it stand out of the bunch. The only thing that is a bit disturbing about this device is the fat black bezle that surrounds the 4.7 inch screen. Another minus point is that there are on screen navigation buttons that take up precious display area on the device screen. Overall, the display is great with vibrant color production. Adding to it, this time Eluga Arc offers dual portrait orientation that lets the user use the phone as soon as he picks it up without evening considering the orientation of the device. I could rather call it a four-way orientation device!


Software: Customized Stock Android
The phone runs on Android 5.1 out of the box and rocks a custom tuned stock Android. So basically, the launcher/UI is very closely in stitch with the way stock Android is, other than a few customizations. You can also arrange the apps in the order you like. The settings and multi-tasking window look just like the plain Android which makes it familiar and easy to use.

Performance: Handles most tasks without issues
The phone is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 quad core processing chip that is bundled up with 2Gigs of RAM to bring in some really fluid experience to the end user. It runs basic apps like messaging and social networking without any issues. We have also tried out some high end game titles like the “NFS Rivals” and it ran quite crisply without any sign of lag. The flaws in this section would be the sluggishness we observed while switching between apps and I could blame the custom interface UI for this which to my note needs a bit more optimization. There was barely any heating that took place while playing games. Although the back seemed to be a bit warm while we used the phone with full brightness for a while. The highlight in the connectivity section is the 4G capability of the phone. Yes, the Panasonic Eluga Arc is 4G ready. It offers 16GB of internal space which is expandable with a micro SD card. The battery is the phone is a weak point where you might want to consider thinking. The battery is a 1800mAh pack that barely lasts a day.


Camera: A beast in the daylight
The device is equipped with an 8 mega pixel rear shooter with a 5 mega pixel front snapper. The indoor performance of both the cameras are quite acceptable but the magic happens when you take the phone under natural light. The smartphone clicks amazing pictures in the sunlight making it one of the best outdoor smartphone cameras. There was no shutter lag and the color reproduction was crisp and clear. The camera app also comes along with some beauty modes for the front camera that can help a person’s face look more clear in the captured photogragh.


The Panasonic Eluga Arc is just another budget smartphone that packs in some extraordinary features. For people looking mainly for a stylish and a lightweight design along with minimal usage, the Eluga Arc is something that they should consider investing on. But if performance is your first priority, you should consider getting the newly launched Panasonic Eluga A2 that is buffed with performance tweaks. The review of Panasonic Eluga A2 will be up soon on the blog so make sure to leave a comment below with hashtag “#StayCharged” and we chall get back with the review soon!