Panasonic India, few weeks back launched two low budget devices– Panasonic T44 and T30. Both the smartphones launched were one of a kind and we are currently testing out the T44. Surprisingly, the phone (T44) handles heavy gaming really well and reflects good RAM management.

And now, its just about a few weeks when Panasonic India has sent out media invites in regard to the unveiling of the toughest laptop in the world yet made. They are currently calling the laptop as the “Toughbook”. I personally believe that laptops are a really essential need these days. But there are quite a few cases in which we tend to accidentally damage the equipment either by dropping it, over-folding it or splashing liquid on it.

This time, Panasonic ensures and guarantees that the laptop is the toughest of its kind and is made for that wild rugged use. Though I am not inspiring you to try wild things with it, what I mean to say here is the laptop will remain unharmed even when such unlikely events happen. Atleast that’s what I can assume as of yet.  I cannot assume much about the device now but am guessing that the device MIGHT be shatter proof. Or AT-LEAST waterproof. Although I’m eager to see how Panasonic manages to prove a good combination of “rugged” and “style”! Let’s wait for the unveiling tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to #BeTough.

As usual, I will be at the launch taking place in New Delhi tomorrow and will bring you the latest from there! Stay tuned! Also, share this post by including “#BeTough”!

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