Every week, there’s a new smartphone launched by some or the other company in India. And most of them are observed to be launching budget devices. But what about a Rs. 4,000 phone that works the same way like many Rs. 7,000 phones do? Let’s find out if it can- in our full review of the Panasonic T44- The mini badass.

Design: Light weight and compact

The device in hand looks really really compact, stylish and cute. I say cute just because of the elegance of the Gold back panel behind the device. On the edges, the device has a really premium and scratchy feel that makes it easier to grip. With the battery in, the phone is quite light as compared to many other devices out there but without the battery in (just the hardware), I barely feel anything in my hands! It is as light as a pen without the battery. And the thing I like about the T44 are those really responsive power and volume buttons. They give a good feedback and work just as fine.

Going around the phone on the back we have the 5-MP rear camera and a single tone flash alongside the Panasonic branding in the upper middle section. On the front it carries a bright 4-inch display which I have to speak about later in the article. It then has a earpiece right in the middle of the top section to receive calls. Just below the earpiece is a 2-MP front facing camera and just below that rests the Panasonic branding. The phone also offers “off-screen” navigation buttons to save the screen area- something I really liked about the device.

On the top is the USB type Micro-B slot along with the 3.5mm headphone jack that actually produces some GREAT audio when tested. The bottom just has the mic and rest all is blank. The left side of the device is blank as well leaving a great textury design on the side. And finally, on the right are the volume rocks along with the power button.


T44 review

Display: Sharp but with some flaws

The device boasts a 4 inch display on the front that is great for daily usage. Although the screen is quite bright and has a great visibility in the day time, the device shows some really poor viewing angles. I have played many games on the device and the ONLY thing that had to disappoint me was were the bad viewing angles. The image seems to turn negative and quite uncomfortable even when tilted a little away from your face. Otherwise, there is nothing I have to complain about the screen. A magnificent job for a smartphone that is priced at just Rs. 4,041.

T44 review

Software: Runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Panasonic T44 runs on SAIL UI which is themed on the basis of Android 6.0- Marshmallow. Apart from the launcher, icons and the home screen, the phone is themed EXACTLY like stock Android- which is great since it re-bonds familiarity.

Performance: Plays high end games like a boss

So revising the specifications first, The Panasonic T44 is powered by 1.3GHz quad-core and it comes with 1GB of RAM. The phone packs 8GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32GB via a microSD card. When it comes to web browsing and basic multitasking, I do not find any flaw in the device. And as far as gaming is concerned on this 4,000 rupee beast, it handles them like cupcakes. I threw some really high-end games on ths guy and it ran them WITHOUT ANY ISSUES. Yes, the graphic quality was not upto the mark but I couldn’t possibly notice any frame-drops or lag, what so ever.

Have a look at how the T44 handles gaming when thrown at it! : What is it like to game on a Rs. 4,000 phone? – Panasonic T44

Above in this gaming review, I have tried most of the famous games on the device and they ran really really well. No draw-backs in the performance here. But yes, the games would be more fun to play if the viewing angles of the device were fine but they do not seem to be in our favor. Viewing angles only make a difference while playing games like Asphalt 8 in where a tilt motion of the phone is required- it gets really difficult to see the display when tilting.Panasonic T44 Review_4

Camera: Really great for what a budget killer phone has to offer

As far as the cameras are concerned, the Panasonic T44 packs a 5-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 2-megapixel front shooter for selfies.

The camera showed GREAT results in day time but were quite grainy when using them indoors or at night. Overall, the quality of both the front and the back camera are pretty acceptable for this price tag.


Final Verdict:

Overall, this phone is a great choice for people looking out for phones under Rs. 5,000 and I would definetly recpmmend it over a few other phones that come for a similar price tag. The main thing that has impressed me about this device is the phone’s capability to handle games. The viewing angles are the only things me and other users dislike about this phone. Otherwise, it is a total bang for the buck.


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Panasonic T44

Panasonic T44

Overall Design






        Gaming and Performance


          Hand Hold Grade


            Pros (Reasons to buy)

            • - Great Camera in Daylight
            • - Sleek Design
            • - Amazing Multitasking
            • - Outstanding Gaming performance
            • - Cheap price

            Cons (Reasons not to buy)

            • - Bad camera at night/indoors
            • - Viewing angles are disappointing
            • - Low battery capacity