Rumors say that Sony is going to launch a never used before color to its Xperia Z5 lineup. And yes, its the Pink color that’s to be launched in Taiwan going according to a rumor that leaked out recently. The company is said to launch the Pink variant first in Taiwan, the birthplace of this rumor which somewhere should land around the end of January.

Pink Z5 Variant back look

Pink Z5 Variant

The launch is said to be PERFECTLY timed for the Chinese New Year shopping season as well as for a romantic gift giving present for the Valentine’s day.


Do note that the images are not leaked shots of the upcoming pink variation of the Xperia Z5, rather fan-created concept renders. There have been no leaks about the pink Z5 up to this point.

In hand Pink Xperia Z5

Xperia Z5 Pink in hand


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Source (in Chinese) | Via