Hey, guys and today we are going to root the Moto G 2nd generation/2014! But before getting started, I’d like to mention the most important things!

<<After performing the below steps, you phone’s warranty is now void and I am no way responsible for any kind of hard/soft damage to your device. If you are not sure of what rooting is or have no experience with rooting/flashing recoveries and ROMs, I’d highly recommend you to first Google it and get some knowledge of what you are going to do. If you blame me if anything happens to your device, I will have the full rights to point the finger and laugh at you. Thanks for understanding. Also, this is just a tutorial guide and I’m not the person who has developed the files.>>

So once that’s clear, let’s finally get started!

First things first.

Q: What is ROOT?

A: Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems. As Android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an Android device gives similar access to administrative (superuser) permissions as on Linux or any other Unix-like operating system such as FreeBSD or OS X. Read more at Wikipedia.

Okay, so now once that’s clear, it’s time to see what stuff we are going to require in this process.


  1. An UNLOCKED Bootloader. Unlock it here. I highly recommend some knowledge of unlocking a bootloader before performing this step.
  2. Motorola Drivers installed. Click here.
  3. Proper Fastboot Drivers.
  4. A PC or a laptop.
  5. A Moto G 2014 edition! That’s about it!


Well, once we are equipped and loaded with the weapons mentioned above, we are ready to get it done!


  • Unlock your bootloader if not done already. Refer the requirements above for the link to unlock the bootloader.
  • Download the SuperSU updater file from here and copy it anywhere in your INTERNAL STORAGE.
  • Power off the device and head towards the bootloader mode of the device. To get into the bootloader mode, wait for the device to turn off completely. When done, HOLD POWER+VOLUME DOWN and release after 4 seconds roughly. You will see a menu which is nothing but the bootloader mode menu. The phone will not detect touch in this mode so therefore you’ll have to use your VOLUME keys to navigate around. [VOLUME DOWN is used for scrolling down the list whereas VOLUME UP is used for SELECTING any highlighted item. So you really do not need to mess with those keys for now. Just move on with the next step.
  • It’s now time to connect the phone to your PC/laptop via USB.
  • Now we need to flash a recovery on the device. I’m going to flash the TWRP recovery as I prefer is over any other recovery because of its vast features. You can choose the recovery of your desire. So to flash the recovery, go into the ADB+FASTBOOT folder and hold the shift button on your key board and right click anywhere in the white space inside the folder and then click, “Open command window here”. You should see a CMD prompt navigated to that very folder.
  • Now, after making sure your phone is in the bootloader mode and is connected to the PC, type in the CMD prompt the following string:

fastboot flash recovery TWRP2801-titan-motog-2014.img

  • Once you type THAT, hit ENTER.
  • You should now be navigated to the recovery within 10-15 seconds. If not, navigate to the recovery option using the volume DOWN key and highlight the option texted “Recovery” and press the volume UP to select.
  • You should now be into the TWRP Recovery! Now, once inside, hit INSTALL via touch as this recovery is touch responsive.
  • Navigate to the SuperSU.zip file and swipe to flash it.
  • Once done, reboot the device. Done! Enjoy root!

The device might take a bit long to boot for the first time after root so be patient. If it takes more than 7-10 minutes, go back to the bootloader and then to the recovery and wipe and data. This happened because there was a problem during the flash process and the device is  bricked or in a bootloop. A factory rest via recovery should fix it all. For any furthur issues regarding the procedure, comment down below or E-mail me at [email protected]! See ya!

XDA Thread : http://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-g-2014/general/guide-root-moto-g-2nd-gen-2014-t2874245