Sony Xperia Z5!


The Z5 family has already got its name from total of 3 members. The Xperia Z5, the Z5 premium and the Z5 Compact. So today, you are here with Akshat, that’s me and I am going to give the FULL review of the Xperia Z5. So let’s get started! 🙂

Well, so starting off with the box itself it comes with a very neat but a more simple box this time. The sides of the boxes are plane leaving one with some unit information. On the front displays the bad guy along with a Z5 visual. Pretty neat. And the last side, that’s the back has some of its key features listed that would attract merely ANY tech lover out there showing off its 4K Triluminous display and some other features. And in the box what’s mainly shining out of the main accessories is the bad boy itself. The Xperia Z5.

LOOKS : (360 look)

The Sony Xperia Z5 shows off a slick and clean exterior design and looks too much familiar with the other new aged Sony smartphones.


SO, there’s ONE thing that goes on and on with the Z5 family – the Premium and the compact version. And THAT is it’s design. Unlike Sony’s previous devices, it has decided to take uniformity to a whole new level. The Z5 is not only symmetrical, it literally looks the same or familiar rather from every angle. It just seems like as if the phone has been machined out of a single uniform block of work! Some people think the new look is what everyone’s been looking for and some think it sucks. Well, what I feel is not going to be any of our topic here but anyways, I loved it.

The Z5 measures 146 x 72 x 7.3 mm, which is almost identical to the Z3+.


So in the front display part, SONY has almost killed it. The Z5 and the Z5 Compact have a similar screen size and resolution as 5.2 inches and 1080×1920 pixels respectively. Also, the Z5 “PREMIUM” is the first phone with is equipped with a magnificent 4K display! Do let me know in the comment section down below if you guys want the Z5 Premium review the same way!

Surprisingly enough, the bezels have seemed to be also gotten a bit bigger and the Z5 now has a screen to body ratio of 69.6%, instead of the 70.9%taking in consideration is predecessor, the Z3+. But yeah, once again, the difference is barely noticeable, especially in black variant. So don’t worry.

In a nutshell, the front side of the Z5 is more clean and decluttered. The sharp 5.1MP front camera is placed just to the left of the Sony logo, above the display.


And the speakers to are more like just invisible this time. Great work with the design guys!

So now going around the device, the left side is almost empty. It has my favorite machined premium looking Xperia insignia towards the bottom and the slider holder that does a marvelous job of water-sealing the delicate components inside the phone.



The right-hand side is a bit more filled. It keeps the silver power button, which also tends to stand out, especially on the dark colored review unit.

One thing that was bugging me for quite was the position of the volume rockers. Didn’t figure out why it was down until it came in use. I realized it was GREATLY set for decreasing or increasing the volume during a call. And after that, I feel that the placement is perfect. Towards the downside edge, we have the shutter button that is most handy when trying to click pics under water since the capacitive touchscreen might play tricks on you.



The 3.5mm headphone jack is placed right on the top of the device, in the left corner. Followed by the secondary noise-canceling microphone.

The bottom edge of the Z5 is relatively bare. It nests the micro USB port, which again thanks to Sony’s additional waterproof coating that no longer requires that annoying cover like flap. Great work guys. So beside the charging dock is the lanyard eyelet that again is barely noticeable this time unlike the Z5 Compact.


On the back of the Z5, we discover a matte glass panel, complete with a smooth finish and thankfully not the one that takes up fingerprints on it. The only controls found here are the new 23MP camera, along with a single LED flash.


Also, there is the Sony and the Xperia branding, as well as the traditional tiny NFC logo as this is where the NFC contact area is meant to be located. The logo itself has a rubbery finish to it. A great example of attention to detail on Sony’s part.

Display, battery life, connectivity:

Sony has given the Z5 a Full HD display with a resolution of 1080×1920 of onboard pixels. So on a 5.2-inch of screen and with 428 ppi, the phone is definitely not suffering from any shortage of pixels on its part. Also, can never forget the power of the BRAVIA Engine 2, Triluminos technology and X-Reality engine that’s been put up to make it a killer. So all this makes the device produce some really high pictures or videos on its screen when it comes with the support of a 1080p resolution and that directly means, less strain on the GPU, less heating and even a great battery life.

So the Z5 screen has an above average maximum brightness of 583nits and it can go even slightly higher in brightest of sunlight when in Auto mode (603nits) so that you can have the feel of an Xperia in the sunlight too. The blacks are too very well done this time. Deep and sharp.

Color accuracy definitely takes an extra bonus when you turn on the screen image enhancements such as the X Reality for mobile mod but the representation of the whites remains unchanged in this mode. The maximum brightness however is reduced in this mode down to about 550 nits. Which I guess still should be fine. You can obviously mess around with the color calibration settings as it is a matter of taste but the Z5 already makes sure that it is set to the best our eyes would love.

Battery :

The Sony Xperia Z5 can juice upto 2900 mAh of battery, well sealed-in. That is a tap bit less than the Z5 Premium at 3430 mAh, but still better than the 2700 mAh of battery that the Z5 Compact offers.An endurance rating of 73 hours means that the Z5 should be more than happy to facilitate two days of average use.

Connectivity :

Sony is offering the blazing Z5 in both a single SIM and dual SIM variant, just like the Z5 Premium. The handset offers quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA support. LTE is enabled and Sony has multiple regional models that make sure that the Xperia Z5 will work with the most widespread 4G networks available. It is worth noting that the E6653 variant offers Cat.6 LTE with speeds of up to 300Mbps which is quite impressive, while the E6603 one still has Cat.4 with a maximum of 150Mbps only. This, however, makes little difference in real world conditions and shouldn’t really be a consideration.

In the local connectivity section, the phone features dual-band Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac and Wi-Fi Direct. There is also support for the blazing fast Bluetooth 4.1. Along with the most powerful of the satellite GPS.

The Xperia Z5 also has an FM radio with RDS. The phone doesn’t offer an IR port, but it does come with built in Near Field Communication also known as NFC.

There is a micro USB 2.0 port for charging and data connections and now, its that dope coating that water-proofs the port without the mess of having a cover flap.Being part of the premium “Z” line has a few other benefits, like MHL 3 TV-out support. You can also output your phone’s screen wirelessly via the Miracast protocol or Sony’s Xperia Connectivity Throw option.

The app also lets you share your media over DLNA by creating a media server, as well as connect to a PlayStation DUALSHOCK 3 (or 4) wireless controller for intense gaming. Last, but not least, the Z5 offers advanced active noise cancelling when paired with a supported handset like the Sony MDR-NC750 for seemlesly enjoyable music.


I feel Sony is know much more comfortable to the new Lollipop and the good news is that the phone out of the box itself runs Android Lollipop! What could be even better? Heck it runs on Android 5.1.1! It is mostly identical to its predecessor in terms of user interface, but there still are a few noticeable changes.

As far as the launcher is concerned, it is still that old sober Kit Kat look alike Xperia launcher but yeah, with an updated material design here and there and even in some of the apps.

The lock screen is another big of a charm. What has changed is that the widgets that were available in the KitKat version are gone and all you can edit is the clock which again is the default android configuration. So as the default way goes, the lock screen shortcuts have been up to the dialer that features on the left side and the camera shortcut that features in the right… Well, I personally feel that the button is a great way to open the camera… Let me know what you guys like in the comments section below! Anyways, so moving on there are a couple of ways you can protect your phone by adding some uber cool security. Oh heck, sony finished the security too in style… Okay… So anyways… you have the face unlock, password, pin, pattern and what I always use. The fingerprint sensor. Seriously, I’m in love with it. Hoping no one will keep my thumb on the sensor when I’m asleep. Okay, so there are five homescreen panels by default and you can set any of them as your primary one. One bad thing is you cant have more than 7 home screen panels at a time. Well, I don’t think anyone would even require 5?!

You can set various live and static wallpapers, add widgets and shortcut, or change the UI theme. You also have the liberty to  choose which icons would be visible on the status bar, and which should remain hidden.

So the notification area uses the standard looking Lollipop style status bar icons and the double swipe to pull down feature but Sony has integrated the two finger swipe down that lets pull the toggles down in one shot. How cool is that.

The app drawer is laid out across multiple pages and you can sort the apps in various ways. However, this time the swipe left menu has gone and instead we have a really handy search option that would make it easier to search for specific apps.

The Xperia Z5 uses the stock Android task manager that lets you switch between the recently opened apps, as well as terminate any of them with a side-swipe. You also have some small apps in the downside of the recent apps bar that might result really helpful when in action.

Finally, Google Now integrates with your Google account and can access your daily routine, internet searches, email, etc. and give you information relevant to your interests and daily needs. You know, the default thing…

Performance :

Looking at the specs, the Xperia Z5 is a true flagship killer, there’s no argue about it. Also, it runs on a Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 SoC, which is still the chip manufacturer’s top offer, at least until the 820 turns up in the market.

So coming to overheating, there were some heres and theres that were cooking up about the overheating issue of the Z3+ and I feel that Sony has seriously taken steps to get its Z series reputation back by literally deleting the word “overheating” from the dictionary of the Z5 series! How cool!

Sony has really gone the extra length to ensure the Z5 handles heat diligently by deploying those dual heat-pipe cooling system configuration and quite a bit of high-efficiency thermal paste. It definitely does a better job at pulling heat away from the chip, so, even though the Z5 and Z3+ share the same core computing mainly silicon, the former has the added benefit of better thermal management, which is generally a major stability and performance booster.

Overall, the Xperia Z5 is a true powerhouse and a worthy flagship for anyone out there.

Multimedia :

Sony’s custom gallery album organizes images into groups of thumbnails and sorts them defaulty by date. You can change the thumbnails size by pinching on the thumbnails as required.

It also gives the ability to connect to other online albums that maybe on your Facebook, Picasa or Flickr account. Maps and Globe are also an option that might be realy dope and sturdy if the geo tagging is turned on during photo shoots from the Z5. Some features like face detection and others adds up the weight to the gallery viewing experience on the Xperia Z5.

Images can be inside the default gallery app that comes built in the phone preventing the use of some third party editing apps that might honestly not work as good as he inbuilt editor in the Xperia gallery works. It does all kinds of jobs like cropping and rotating the pics. Filters and effects are also abundant in the gallery app. And the best part, quick sharing via Picasa, Email apps, Facebook, Bluetooth or MMS is also available.

The music app this time too comes with some real badass features like that of DSEE HX and MANY more. You also get the ability to retrieve the song information like the album Art, Singer, album and some other stuff. The performance of audio when connected to the headphones or the earphones is literally excellent. And many people including me love it.

In addition, the flagship Z5 is more than powerful enough to breeze through some of some high quality 1080p videos.

Camera Quality :

No modern flagship phone should be lacking in the camera performance in today’s world of 4K and the Z5 makes no exception. Sony has decided to equip the whole Z5 family with a new 23MP camera which is again capable to shooting at 4K!


So diversifying, there are many shooting modes one can opt to get his/her desired picture output. The front camera or the secondary camera shoots at 5.1 mega pixels which again gives some decent quality when it comes to talking selfies. One can so deeply fine tune the settings manually like the exposure, saturation and other stuff. The charm here is the image stabilization that literally is the best feature for this phone. We can’t just end up with the camera details with this! You also get the features that we dream of having in a phone like the ISO control and some other uber cool controls of the DSLR. How cool would that be!

The Superior Auto shooting mode is what we’ve already seen in other Xperia phones. There are no settings you can change, everything here is done automagically. So if you’ve just got into photography, you’ve hit the right mode! Sweep panorama works great but honestly, I could see some stitch marks in the photo that again looked a bit unprofessionally taken. I guess if one has his/her hands on it properly, this feature could be used to charm the panorama sweeps like anything!

The front camera has a lot of detailing too! Did not expect this from a 5.1 mega pixel camera!

The camera works great too in low light situations and captures a heck lot of details when used in the daytime. And I have no words for the color rendering of the photo taken inside. Just amazing.

We too get a ton of inbuilt games and apps that would help us in many ways depending upon what’s to be done! Obviously.


So last but not the least. Cannot miss out the reason which prompted me from getting my hands on this phone. It’s waterproof and can handle water REALLY damn well when taken underwater for some photo shoot! All the best for clicking some really cool under water pics and don’t forget to share them along with “#underwatertech”!


So wrapping it up, it is a GREAT phone being compared to some other of the smartphones of 2015 beating One Plus 2 in the Antutu Benchmarks result. And if you are thinking to buy a phone that doesn’t heat and takes really good click and could also handle heavy gaming easily, I’d suggest you guys to go with the Z5 series or mainly the Sony Xperia Z5. I personally love the Green color but it is available in many other colors like White, gold and even dark grey! I’m waiting down in the comment section to know what your favorite color would be! So this was pretty much it for this review. Do let me know what I missed about this phone in the comments section below and guys guys I too wanna know if you guys wanna see the Xperia Z5 Primium’s review in the similar manner! Again, you can either mail me at [email protected] or comment down below! So, stay subscribed and I’ll see you all the next time, Peace?!..