So! There are a couple of privacy apps out there on the play store that do a descent job of what they say… But folks, I’ve found something REALLY awesome that obviously does what it says but also does in a lot of other things which is ACTUALLY required by a person like us! Well, everyone requires privacy, let it be even a little bit of it… But YES, we do ALL require privacy… So which app should you use? Looking for a ONE STOP solution? You’ve come to the right blog!! Today, I’m going to tell you the best app (to be precise, the best PRIVACY APP) on the Play Store! Its the LEO Privacy guard! I know y’all have heard of it but haven’t tried it because you were not able to decide if it did a better job than other privacy apps on the app market did! Here is the point! Basically, you wanted to someone to compare all the apps and tell you the best app put of them! That is WHAT I’ve done! I explain the most awesome features and BEST features I PERSONALLY LOVE about the app! You can check out that video by clicking the link over here!!

Had a look? By now, you must already have know how fast, easy, cool, flexible and simple the app is! So WHY DON’T YOU GIVE IT A TRY?!! You should dead surely try it! Click the link below which redirects you to the play store linking to the APP!

Play Store LINK : “”

Surprised by looking at the size of the app? WELL! YES! IT”S JUST 4MB’s!! šŸ˜€ How bloody cool is THAT?!!

So, I want y’all to use the app and make a video on HOW you think haw this app has changed your life! Personally speaking, it DID change mine… And after using this, I’m so happy to find out a PROPER solution to my privacy concerns! You can view the video of how it changed my life by clicking the link BELOW.
How it actually changed the way it all was :

So ending this up, I want y’all to make “Video responses” and attach the link of my video in the description! Also, don’t forget to tell your viewers where you downloaded the app from! Well that’s pretty obvious! :p