Make a charging phone look something more than just lying on the table! Remember that box you got your phone in? Of which you cared about the most and is still lying in that cupboard? Exactly! That one! Why don’t you make use of it to make the MOST stylish charging station for your phone ever?! All you need is :

  • A box! (Prefer the one that came with your phone since it has the branding which will make it look even cooler)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some super glue (Just to stick the USB cable with the box)
  • Some cello tape to cover up and stick things together! (I prefer it because it can be removed and wont tear the cardboard if anything goes wrong)
  • And of course, your hands and some imagination!

Have a look at the video down below to get an idea of how to make it.

Still having questions? Comment down below or mail me at [email protected] !

Hope this makes your phone look WAY COOLER than it used to while charging!