YouTube being one of the most visited websites on the web with over a billion users, is a great platform to share one’s thoughts with the whole world in a few clicks. So why not make these few clicks a matter of total satisfaction that a person can get? Well, today, we are presenting you with the top 10 tips and tricks that will help you in utilizing those few clicks the best way possible.

1. Play video on loop


One of the best ever added feature to YouTube’s player is the ability to play any video in a loop, indefinitely. To make the video repeat itself, one will need to “right-click” using the mouse/trackpad on the playing video and select “Loop” from the appearing menu. The video will now repeat itself untill you uncheck the option.

2. Keyboard-only Mode


It’s not necessary to use your mouse/trackpad for browsing on YouTube as Google provides you with a great feature in which you can completely lean back on your chair and use your keyboard to command! It is as simple as going to the URL “” instead of the usual “”. This feature can come in really handy when you want to grab a cup of coffee and rest back on your chair after a tiring day!

3. Set the default video resolution


If you have a slow internet connection and are just too frustrated by that buffering animation, this option can  might as well save your day. With this option ticked, YouTube will never play any video in High definition by itself, if available. So in the end of the day, you just don’t have to worry about any loading time when you are in your mood to browse YouTube.

4. Karaoke Mode


Getting on the karaoke mode is as easy as downloading the Musixmatch plugin for Google Chrome and you are already ready to rock that karaoke night! Happy singing!

5. #Artist!


Fan of a specific singer? Just type in the name of the singer with the hashtag in the beginning and you are good to go! For example, here I typed “#Eminem” to get all the Eminem songs and albums- all in one page. No distractions.

6. Narrow down your search terms


To get the right result for your searches, make sure you type in more relevant terms referring to the video. Mention as much as information you know about the video/video title to get your desired result to the top without any issues. For example, if you type in the word “HD”, YouTube will only list down videos that have been uploaded in High Definition or what the world calls today, HD.

7. Changing the video’s playback speed


If you quickly want to browse through a video without missing anything in it, you can might as well alter with the play-back speed by clicking the gear button and then clicking “Speed”. It is a great way to breeze through videos without loosing a sight of what’s happening. And also, you have the ability to play the video in slow motion of upto 0.25x if required.

8. Keeping your Account private


If you do not want others to know about your activities on YouTube, for example, the channels you are subscribed to, your liked videos, etc, you can keep your stuff private by going to “” and checking the two boxes shown in the screenshot above.

9. Watch it later!


Have not got time to look at an awesome video? You can add it to the “Watch Later” list by clicking the “+ Add to” button below the video and select Watch later! You can then later go to the left YouTube menu and select the “Watch Later” tab that will display all your saved videos!

10. View age-restricted videos without logging in


For some weird reasons, your favorite game trailer could be marked as age restricted due to the harsh language or excessive blood and gore.

You can actually easily view such video without logging in. All you need to do is alter with the URL of the video.

You need to remove the ‘/watch?v=’ part and replace it with ‘/v/’in the video URL. Yes, it is that simple!

So I hope these 10 YouTube tricks have made those few clicks much more easy and interesting! Stay tuned for more such tips and tricks!