Android phones these days are launching at a really high pace and it is actually a lot difficult to pick out one good fish out of a running lake. Here, listed below are my top preferences on the “TOP 5 Android Phones under $300 till June 2016”.

1. Lenovo Vibe X3

Lenovo’s latest Vibe X3 smartphone is one of the best phones to buy in the sub-20k/$300 smartphone segment. It offers one of the best overall performance and more than a day of battery life which adds to a unique selling point to the device. It even offers a very good 21MP rear camera as well.

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2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

If you are looking for a the best smartphone in this segment in terms of pure performance and batterylife, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is highly recommended. It is also the least expensive of all the smartphones in our list of the best smartphones under $300 that one can buy. This makes the Xiaomi Redmi 3 an excellent choice for someone who wants pure performance and is looking to save some cash as well.

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3. Motorola Moto X Play

The Moto X Play is a well-balanced smartphone offering users a great camera, good performance and a 1080p display for the price. It is the best Moto phone out till date.


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4. One Plus X

The OnePlus X is one of the best looking smartphones under 20k, and it provides considerably good performance, with a great camera. A must to check-out!


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5. LeEco Le2

LeEco has literally boomed into the Android market my launching its new device LeEco L2 that has to offer some really great audio and camera! The company is using CDLA technology that helps audio reach a whole new level. An amazing device for people looking for some hardcore entertainment & performance!

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This was just my opinion and opinion matters from person to person. Please do let me know your thought on the same so that I could improve on my opinions as well. For any further talks, do get in touch at “[email protected]” I thanks to each and every person for tuning in! Great day!