The transparency was undoubtedly the thing of the future. But now, I could say “not anymore” or rather say, “the future is here”.

Tony Stark using the transparent phone

Tony Stark holding the transparent device in Captain America movie

Vivo officially teased what seems to be a transparent smartphone that the company’s new celebrity spokesperson Song Zhongji Obama seems to pose with, in a promo image posing with a see-through smartphone.

The phone to our imagination is probably going to be a part of the Vivo X-series and could be the X7 or X7 Plus.

Vivo smartphones and brand, in general, have been heavily advertised in the recent Captain America 3 movie. In the movie, Tony Stark (Iron Man)

holds a transparent device, which doesn’t have a typical phone shape, but has all the functionality of one. To where the gravity of our guesses go, we could judge that to be the “concept” Vivo transparent phone.

There are no more related details available at this point in time and we are sure to bring you the latest tech as much as possible. Stay tuned.