The leading Chinese company, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun showed off the new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in a picture at a conference in China. After the first edition of Mi Band being one of the most successful selling fitness trackers online, Mi Band 2 is yet another budget killer smartband that is more like a fitness tracker. The device will show off the information via the LCD display and as per the photograph(right), the device will also have a round hardware button that looks more like a metallic one.

The new Mi Band is expected to show time, date, step count, heart rate and calorie count on its LCD display. After looking at the huge display, we might throw a guess of the device even showing calls, notifications and messages. Similar from the first model, the device does allow its users to unlock their phones remotely. Some features we might expect the in the Mi Band 2 would be the support of a camera release touch button, control music and radio which might turn out to be a great selling point for the upcoming smartband.

The launch event is set to be in Beijing. For more updates or follow up, stay tuned to!