The hot new charming Mi Band 2 that was announced earlier this month will go on open sale starting October this year, according to latest rumors out of China.

So the main highlight of this fitness band is that the device sports a OLED display with a single touch capacitive button, an IP67 water and dust resistance coating, and $23 (Rs. 1685)  price tag. There are many other features that make it stand out among all the other fitness trackers currently present in the market.

The plus point here is that, this band has a really accurate heart rate sensor and the step counts are quite accurate. I really like how much Xiaomi has improved over from their initial Mi Band that didn’t have a display, The device carries forward the legacy of high precision and accuracy in counting steps and calories. The device also features an “Idle alert” that will remind you to take a break from your work and move around or maybe make some stretches.

The device is being sold by a few third party sellers across various E-commerce sites mainly involving eBay. And the bad fact is, these sellers are selling them at a price as high as $35 (Rs. 2359- varies) due to lack of surplus stock.

The company manufacturing the bands (Huami), has said that the production of the product is soon going to be doubled just after the launch.

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So it is a high time for one open to buy such wearable tech. Do stay tuned to fore more updates on this!