Hey what’s up guys, its Akshat a.k.a Aff & as you all might know, 17th of December was the YU Yutopia launch event that took place in New Delhi. Overall, it was a great event but the heat built up even more when some of the badass looking posters and slides were into display where the YUtopia was compared with SEVERAL other so called “flag ship” phones. In terms of RAM, customization, display and even the battery! So it was not long when they actually displayed the real beast. The YUTOPIA. The real badass looking killer flagship phone.

So first, starting off with what a customer looks in a phone, its DESIGN. YUtopia has a seamless, ergonomic and really premium looking design. It is also said to be fully made up of metal which in the end adds that strength & durability to the phone. On the side is the 3 elementary key and it is a symmetrical design which was introduces along with the YUphoria launch. Also, can never miss out those Saturn rings. Which gives that complete finishing to the phone. Also, the phone goes through total of 300 manufacturing processes that helps deliver the BEST quality flagship killer. As compared to other smartphones, here the iPhone, it has a 40% thinner antenna band that again slims down the look of the phone. Wait, did I just use the word SLIM? Yes! It is the Slimmest flagship! Which is ONLY 7.2 millimetres thick! So in the design section, it KILLS it.

When it comes to PERFORMANCE, YU has not compromised on it either. It powers an Adreno 430 GPU which ensures 3D gaming on the stunning 4K display without ANY chance of lag! Mr. Sunil, the PRESIDENT of Qualcomm explained the functions and the specialities of the Snapdragon 810 chip inside the YUtopia. Also, it has been told that it is JUST the size of a button! On the storage part, the bags are just too big this time! 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory! Also, the functionality of the micro SD card that adds another sack of big storage to the device.

So the display, this time is a SHARP display which is stretched to 5.2 inches along with a MIND BLOWING 2k display. Also, the beast is said to have the highest PPI among other high end PPI phones. It’s said to have 565 PPI leaving the iPhone 6s Plus way behind by a difference of 164 PPI. A huge difference. The colour rendering is again excellent on this phone which in the end will make the images on the phone look more sharp, livid and crisp along with the wide colour saturation. When compared, the beast produces MUCH better and sharper images than the iPhones 6 which means that the 2k display is worth it. Also, it is a corning concore glass which is a pure black touch panel that is 5 times stronger and is just 0.55mm thin.

The camera is a 21 MP camera which is fabulously wide angled at 77.3 degrees. And this time, it is the best of all. It’s a SONY IMX 230 lens which is apparently GREAT in clicking pictures. The OIS gives you total control of your photography and renders the photo like a boss. THE WAY YOU WANT IT. It also comes with a phase detection auto focus of whose focusing speed is very well clocked under 0.2 SECONDS! Again, its GREAT in taking Low Light images and obviously works like a charm in the Day time. The inbuilt “BLUE GLASS” reduces the reflections and helps to capture the natural image from it. When it comes to video, it again MURDERS the other phones. It has a 4k recording @ 30 fps, Full HD @ 60 frames and Slow motion @ 120 frames per second. HOW COOL IS THAT. It is also the perfect phone for the selfie lovers! It is capable of capturing your face at 8 MP using its uber-cool 5P lens!

The phone packs in BUNCH of sensors as well! The G- sensor, the L- sensor, the P- sensor, an 8 axis Gyroscope, E- compass, Barometer, a finger print sensor and a Hall sensor. The show stopper HERE was the fingerprint sensor’s integration in the phone. The sensor is said to be best in class and has a beautiful round form factor. It comes in with some addition features as well like the wake up command, tap to click a selfie and much more. Again, it is mounted in the back or the rear unlike the One Plus 2 which again is a better functionality here in YUtopia. So what’s special about this sensor? Well, it has a Robust protective coating and is capable of accurately scanning more the 10 MILLION finger scans. Also, it is proved to be using ultra low power which in the end results in the long battery life of the beast, the YUtopia.

The battery is a 3000 mAh pack and last forever. Also, it supports quick charge 2.0 and can charge from 0 to 60% in literally 30 minutes. So with great battery comes greater charging.

By default the YUtopia has the world’s MOST POWERFUL operating system, the CyanogenOS. Android, EVOLVED. Well said. It was the CEO of Cyanogen, Mr. Kirk who took on the stage with Mr. Rahul Sharma describing the CyanogenOS.

It’s time for the music lovers to revoke their love for music with the DTS sound technology in the YUtopia with some super cool automatic bass management! Doesn’t end here! You also get a special edition little bird by house of marley by BOB marley! It has a worderful 9.2 mm driver and its comfort along with its noise-isolation design literally KILLS the earpods.

And it was pretty good to see the MOST POWERFUL device and that too from India.  Great work guys. The phone will exclusively be available at amazon.in on the 26th of December which is finally priced at 24,999 in Indian rupees.

So I hope this article made you feel present in the event even though you weren’t! I really hope you enjoyed reading and if you really did, do share it with your friends and subscribe because there’s more of this “YUTOPIA” stuff coming up! Also, DO NOT miss out the video down below! Till then, take care and see you all the next time!